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Lithuania (Republic of Lithuania) – is a state in northeastern Europe, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Among the Baltic countries, Lithuania is the largest accordant with occupied territory and population. The stable economic and political situation in Lithuania, membership in EU, participation in Schengen area have formed the image of the prestigious European jurisdictions. According to the western analysts, business management in Lithuania is associated with minimal risks.

Offshore Lithuania has the following advantages:

- Ability to open a bank account in Lithuania;

- Advantageous geographical position and developed infrastructure as a whole ensure a high quality of transport services and is beneficial to the development of transit sector;

- Ability to bring the company to the European market;

- Most activities do not require licensing;

- Loyal tax policy and more than 40 signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation contribute to the efficiency of tax exposures;

- Ability to use nominee service;

- Ability to ownership the land, as well as issue a residence with further citizenship.

The Joint-Stock Companies Act and Civil Code regulate registration and company’s activity in Lithuania.

Legal persons may register following types of company:

- Closed Joint Stock Company (UAB).

- Open Joint Stock Company (AB).

- Representation.

- Branch.

- Association.

- Agricultural enterprise.

- Individual company.

Companies in the offshore zone Lithuania mostly registered for trading activities, such as for buying in EU, as an intermediary company, for services, holding activities or for getting a residence permit. The last one is possible for director-shareholder of the company; for director if the amount of capital is at least 14 500 euros; for shareholder, if his share in the capital is no less than 14 500 euros. The most popular forms are UAB and AB. For company registration in Lithuania, there should be at least one director – private person and one shareholder (maximum 250 people) – private or legal person. The minimum capital requirement for UAB is 10 000 litas (about 2900 euros), for AB - 150 000 litas (about 43,470 euros). There are some requirements for annual balance and financial statements.

The taxation system in Lithuania applies to all entities that carry out economic activities in the country. The rate of corporate income tax is 15% and can be reduced to 5% if the number of workers not above 10 people and annual turnover not exceeding 10 million litas. The standard VAT rate is 21%, and under certain conditions may be reduced to 5%. The tax rate on dividends is 15%, can be reduced to 0%.

The presence of two Free Economic Zones creates favorable conditions for business development through the creation of additional legal and tax benefits. FEZ in Klaipeda is a part of powerful transport system; Its position is beneficial for companies that want to increase production capacity and optimize problems with logistics. Kaunas FEZ is one of the largest in the Baltic region and is located in the industrial center of Lithuania.

The right to carry out activities in the FEZ is granted upon the condition of 1 million euro investment in the country’s economy. The first six years the companies are exempt from income tax, and for the next 10 years one can get privilege in the amount of 50%, which also applies to the land tax. The most popular activities are logistics, wholesale and retail trade, building, health protection, water supply, gas, electric energy.


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