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Ireland – is west-european state located on the island of Ireland and neighboring with Britain. The capital is Dublin, where are a quarter of the country's population (about 1.4 million. people). The official language is Irish, but in communicating the most common is English. The priority sectors of the economy in Ireland include production of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, information technology, food industry.

The term "Celtic Tiger" characterizes the rapid growth of the economy since the mid 90-ies of the last century until 2008, and its growth rate was significantly higher than even in the "Asian quad". This phenomenon is explained by several factors, especially the close cooperation with the UK and US, large amount of American investments, as well as entry into the European Union. In addition, the right choice of investment objects, namely, health, IT, financial services, tax reform (reduction of corporate tax rate) and financial support of research activities make the country attractive for international business.

In Ireland, there are branches of companies - world leaders in the field of information technology, pharmaceutical and other industries: Intel, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook, Zocor, Pfizer and others. The State is a member of international organizations such as UN, European Union, Council of Europe, OECD, is the part of Eurozone. Ireland has signed more than 80 international treaties, including more than 60 about avoidance of double taxation.

Company registration in Ireland has a number of advantages:

- Respectability of jurisdiction;

- Favorable geographic position (at the intersection of trade routes between Europe and America);

- Ability to use the tax advantages provided by the EU Directive;

- Signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation;

- No foreign exchange controls;

- Low corporate tax rate;

- Possibility of obtaining VAT payer status for trading with EU member countries.

Activities of foreign companies are registered in Ireland regulated Company Act 1963 and Company Act 1990.

Company registration in Ireland is carried out in the following types:

- Private Limited Company;

- Public Limited Company;

- Guarantee Company;

- Unlimited Company;

- Branch of Overseas Company;

- General Partnership;

- Limited Partnership.

It is necessary to check the name of company on the subject of its coincidence or similarity with already existing ones during company registration in the offshore Ireland. Using such words in the title, as holding, company, group may require additional grounding. At the end of the name of the private limited company, it shall be such words as Limited or LTD. For this form of company, there are no requirements for the authorized capital and its payment. Stock issues in the bearer form or without nominal amounts are prohibited.

For company opening, you must have at least one shareholder (the maximum amount - 50), which can be private or legal person - resident of any country. The required number of directors is two, one of which must be resident in Ireland. Otherwise, you must buy a special document worth 25 000 euros. There are no requirements to residency of the second director. It is necessary the presence of secretary with Irish residency who is appointed by the director and keeps the company records.

Private or legal persons can perform secretary duties, and the director can be as secretary. Data about shareholders, directors and secretary are in the State Register of Companies. The company must have registered office address in the country. It is possible to use nominee service for confidential business. Company registration in Ireland involves bookkeeping, documents safety in the office and annual financial statements for audit.

The possibility of the preferential tax treatment is one of the advantages of offshore Ireland area. Jurisdiction has one of the lowest in the European corporate tax rates on income from trading activities - 12.5%, necessary conditions for which is presence of resident director and maintaining partial business in Ireland. Zero rate is possible for new companies for three years on condition that their annual income does not exceed 320,000 euros. The standard tax rate on dividends is 25%. If the company that pays taxes to Irish company, registered in the EU or have agreement for the avoidance of double taxation with Ireland, the rate can be reduced to 12.5%. If there are no such agreements, but the size of investments in subsidiaries is at least 75%, the same preferential rate retained. VAT size is 21%, but can be reduced to 13.5%.


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