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Hong Kong LITE
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Good offer Hong Kong LITE

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China and also one of the fastest growing commercial, industrial and financial center not only of the Asia-Pacific region but and the world. Along with Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea, Hong Kong is part of so-called "Four Asian Tigers". Hong Kong is not offshore in the classic sense, because there is taxation, requirements for the reporting, audit, public register of directors and shareholders. This region offers great opportunities in the field of tax planning and privacy with nominee service. The territorial principle of taxation, which does not provide the payment of income tax received outside the country, provides wide opportunities for efficient business.

An important advantage is high level of reliability of the banking system in the country. Opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong not only guarantees the safety of funds, but also the representation of a wide range of banking services and high professional level of employees. After the process of company registration, it is necessary to open a corporate account in the Bank of Hong Kong, China or other banking institutions working with offshore companies. The ability to easily open an account in Hong Kong depends on many factors: the residence of the director or owner of the company, completeness of documents, open accounts in major international banks. Sometimes, knowledge of English or Chinese for direct communication with bank specialists, effects on the corporate account opening in Hong Kong.

Despite to all loyalty in the business activity, the process of corporate account opening in Hong Kong can take quite a long time and require a large number of documents. Thus, the state insures itself from the illegal or criminal origin of funds that is the key of financial security and stability.

To open an account is important to have temporary documents, better constant, giving the right to reside in the country. One should provide documentary evidence that the company really works: contracts, agreements and other business documentation. If the company is new, confirmation of experience in this field before is possible. Recently one can open an account in Hong Kong only in the presence of directors, shareholders and company’s beneficiaries. Company’s activity and potential customers directly affected on the successful outcome of the case: gambling, trusts, brokerage firms, insurance funds are considered as questionable activities. In turn, the positive moment for account opening is existence of a business partner in China, with which Hong Kong is closely linked economically, despite the autonomy.

Choosing a bank in Hong Kong, one should carefully examine the list of services and prices for banking services, size of the mandatory deposit, and availability of online banking.

Opening an account in the banks of Hong Kong one need to pay for services of opening an account (from 1 000 to 10 000 HKD depending on the company residence).

There should be the following documents:

- Notarized copies of documents about company registration, articles of association or special form of limited liability companies;

- Documents proving the business activities of the company: bills, invoices, contracts, and in the case of a new company - business plan, which characterizes the capabilities of the company, the amount of the proposed sale;

- Documents confirming the residential address of directors, shareholders and owners of the company: receipts for payment of utility bills or bank statement showing the name and address.

Personal presence of senior managements and owners of the company are necessary. After opening the account, further communication with the bank takes place in the normal mode, if we are not talking about suspicious transactions or supplementary issues about company’s activity.


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