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Netherlands (Holland) – is western European state situated on the coast of the North Sea and bordering with Belgium and Germany. With a total area of more than 41 000 sq. km and a population of more than 17 mln. people, this country is one of the most densely populated areas in Europe. The country`s capital – is Amsterdam, the official language – is Dutch. The Netherlands is a member of the European Union and signed more than 100 agreements on avoidance of double taxation, which provides opportunities for reducing the size of tax payments.

The most significant tax benefits include the following:

- Income obtained from sources in the Netherlands subjects to tax;

- No taxes on dividends and capital gains;

- Ability significantly reduce the rate of withholding tax on dividends.

The Commercial Code of the Netherlands governs the activities of companies in the country.

The main types of companies that can be registered in a jurisdiction are:

- Private limited liability company.

- Public limited liability company.

- Cooperative.

- Partnership with limited and unlimited liability.

There are attractive conditions of company`s registration in the Netherlands in particular, the holdings, for foreign investors. Such companies are effective tool for tax planning, as well as a convenient means for assets protection and management. There are favorable tax conditions for holding companies in the Netherlands. As holding one can registered the company by two types:

- Private limited liability company (BV).

- Public limited liability company (NV).

First (BV) is more common. Such firm in the Netherlands may be registered with one shareholder with any residence. However, it is more convenient if he will be resident of the state with which the Netherlands has signed a tax treaty. Cancellation the requirements for minimum capital creates additional convenience within opening the bank account. The signing of the constituent documents is possible in the presence of a notary by attorney, without the personal presence of the shareholder or his authorized person.

The director (at least one) may be private or legal person without residency requirements, but for tax incentives, the company should act as a resident. Therefore, it is desirable that the most part of directors was among the residents of the Netherlands. Secretary position is not necessary, the office must be located in the territory of the country. Information about director, who is solely responsible for the company activity are public.

Holding shall submit annual report, which should contain information about the current directors and shareholders and financial statements, but not only in the euro and in other currencies. Audit is mandatory if the value of assets exceeds 6 million. euro, annual turnover is more than 12 mln. euros and the number of employees is 50 or more people.

Exemption from withholding tax, the standard rate of which is 15%, can get not only companies registered in countries that have signed the agreement on avoidance of double taxation, but also subsidiaries, registered in any European country, which fall within the scope of the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive.

For this purpose, the holding company in the Netherlands should:

- Owned at least 5% of the subsidiary shares;

- Subsidiary must pay tax at the place of registration;

- Holding shall exercise administrative functions in relation to the subsidiary.

Along with the registration of a new company, one can buy ready-made in Holland.


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