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The Netherlands - is the state, holding a leading position in terms of economic development in Europe and worldwide. In addition to development of industry and the agricultural sector, much attention is paid to the service sector, particularly financial. The stability of the economic and political system, democratic corporative legislation and loyal tax policy makes offshore the Netherlands one of the most attractive region for international business.

The country provides the optimal conditions for the distribution of dividends by the Dutch company, royalties, loan charges. It is possible to reinvest capital in subsidiary company, as well as redistribution and sale of the assets. Separately, it should be said about usability of jurisdiction for company’s registration, owning intellectual property rights. Corporate and tax legislation provide its protection and allow to optimize the amount of tax payments. The tax regulation adopted in the Netherlands with respect to intellectual property of the companies contributes to the development of new research.

The effective rate of 5% is formed due to the fact that only the 5th part of income received for the companies in this segment, is taxed at the standard rate of 25.5%. Moreover, the amount of taxable income does not include losses or expenses generated during the formation and operation of intellectual property, i.e, taxes is charged if income exceed expenses. The preferential tax regime applies to patents and scientific researches, but not to the logos, copyrights or trademarks. That means that it is necessary independent innovative solutions for new intellectual properties.

As for taxation of holding companies, with the standard rate of tax on dividends of 15% one can have zero rate due to signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation and the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive. For this, since the beginning of the financial year the parent holding company in the Netherlands must holds at least 5% of shares of subsidiary foreign company and managements by its asset.

There are such companies’ forms in the Netherlands:

- Private (BV) and public (NV) limited liability company.

- Cooperatives.

- Limited Partnership (CV).

Companies with limited liability must have at least one director and shareholder – private or legal persons of any residence that must obtain a certificate of approval from the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands. Registered office in the country is necessary. Companies submit annual financial statements.

To open cooperative or partnership one needs at least two members – private or legal persons of any residence and in the case of a partnership - general partner and partner with limited liability. There are no requirements for minimum capital. Cooperatives often open for holding activities and can take tax benefits with respect to dividends payout. In the case of partnerships, the objects of taxation are the partners themselves, who pay taxes on share of their profits at the place of residence.


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