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The Kingdom of the Netherlands – is located in Western Europe between Germany and Belgium. The country is also known as the Holland, are two of the twelve provinces, North and South Holland, located on the west of the country. In addition to the European part, washed by the North Sea, the Kingdom includes the islands in the Caribbean (Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius), which are known as the Caribbean Netherlands. The constituent countries of Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten are located in the Caribbean as well.

Amsterdam is the capital of the state, but royal court, parliament, government and most of the foreign embassies are located in the Hague. A few large cities, which include Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven, are strategic for the country`s economy. There are the largest ports, railway junctions, large enterprises.

The country`s population is over 17 million people. The official language is Dutch, but English is also widely spoken among the population.

Netherlands – is a country with developed economy, the bulk of income goes to the service sector. In addition, there are well-developed mechanical engineering, ferrous metallurgy, aviation, shipbuilding, textile and food industries. There are headquarters of such giants as Shell and Philips. The country also has a well-developed banking sector.

The Netherlands is one of the founder countries of the European Union, a member of Economic and Monetary Union. The state has entered to the Eurozone in 2002. The stable political and legal system, developed economy, the 5th largest in Europe and 17th in the world, developed infrastructure and highly skilled workforce in the complex create favorable conditions for attracting foreign investments. In addition, more than 95 signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation allow effective tax planning.

Company registration in Netherlands has a number of advantages:

- Stability and respectability of jurisdiction;

- One of the most economically developed European powers;

- Democratic corporate legislation;

- Loyal system of taxation;

- Legislatively fixed advantages for holdings opening and assets protection;

- No exchange controls.

Taxation in the Netherlands

The rate of corporate income tax is from 20% to 25.5%, depending on the size of profit:

- Up to 40 000 euros - 20%;

- From 40 000 to EUR 200 000 - 23%;

- More than 200 000 euros - 25.5%.

Stamp duty and capital gains tax are not charged in the country. The standard rate of withholding tax on dividends is 15% and can be reduced to zero. This is possible if the parent company is registered in EU or in the country with which the Netherlands signed an agreement on avoidance of double taxation. There is no tax on interest and royalties. VAT rate is 19% and in some cases can be reduced to 6% or 0%.

One can open company in offshore Holland in the following types of business:

- Private limited liability company (BV);

- Open limited liability company (NV);

- Co-operatives;

- European company (SE);

- European Cooperative Society (SCE);

- Partnership (CV).

Company name shouldn’t tire with or be similar to the existing ones, should not mislead about the nature or the scope of activities and indicate the involvement in the well-known brands. The end of the company name should be abbreviated BV, NV, CV.

It is allowed all non-prohibited activities that do not require additional licensing: banking, insurance. Private limited liability company is the most commonly form of the company. This was promoted by the recent remission of claims for minimum capital and, accordingly, more simplified procedure for opening bank account.

For company registration directors and shareholders must obtain certificate of approval from the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands, followed by the necessary notarial acts. In addition, it is necessary Founders Agreement and Memorandum of promotion.

For the company in the Netherlands it should be office in the country, which will use for business correspondence that should be provided by the registered agent.

For BV opening it is necessary at least one shareholder and one director who may be private or legal persons of any residence. Director bears responsibility for the company`s activities and timely submission of financial statements. Secretary is not necessary. One can issue the registered shares. It is necessary to hold an annual shareholders meeting that should held not later than 6 months after the end of the fiscal year. For companies registered in the Netherlands it is necessary to maintain the current accounting and submission of annual financial statements and balance accounting.

Audit is necessary to submit for large companies with an annual turnover of more than 12 mln. euros. Financial and accounting reports should include relevant information about directors and shareholders, balance of liquid assets, income and expenditure accounts, and records about the last shareholders meeting. Information about directors and shareholders are in the open registry.


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