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Gibraltar STANDARD
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Good offer Gibraltar STANDARD

Gibraltar – is a state located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. Its southern part is washed by the Straits of Gibraltar, which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. Gibraltar has the status of overseas territory of the UK and is a member of the European Union. Being of long-standing as colony of the United Kingdom affected on the legal framework formation, which is based on Anglo-Saxon law; in addition, the official currency along with Gibraltar Pound is British pound. English is the state language. Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are also popular.

The offshore area of ​​Gibraltar is obtaining more popularity among those who are interested in successful international business. High quality of financial services and loyal taxation system contributes to this.

The offshore area of Gibraltar has the following advantages:

- Simplicity and low cost of registration;

- Small size of annual fee;

- English as a state;

- Compliance with appropriate level of confidentiality;

- Ability to use nominee service;

- No foreign exchange controls;

- No restrictions on trading outside the country.

It is required to obtain a special license for banking and insurance activities. In addition, foreign companies are prohibited of providing services in the territory of the state and to own real estate.

The activities of foreign firms in Gibraltar is governed by the law "About companies", adopted in 1984. The most popular type of business is non-resident company (NRC). Word Limited must be mentioned in the company`s name; at the same time, it is prohibited to use such words that indicate on licensed activities without special permit, as well as royal, international, imperial, group, Europe, Gibraltar.

For resident companies the income tax is 10%, in particular, from income earned outside the jurisdiction. The company is considered as tax resident in the case, if control and management of company’s activity is carried out in Gibraltar or from abroad, but the activities are carried out across the country. Non-resident companies are exempt from income tax (obtained outside the country), capital gains, there is no VAT. The amount of the annual state fee is 200 British pounds. Funds transferred to bank account in Gibraltar are subjected to the tax, so it is desirable to open an account in another country. One should pay a contribution of 1% of half of the authorized capital during Gibraltar offshore company registration.

The level of privacy is characterized by the maintenance of a public register of companies where there are no data about beneficiary; with this, the registration agent has information about the shareholders of the company. One can use nominee services of directors and shareholders.

Financial statements and audit is necessary to submit for large companies. Small businesses with turnover up to 4.8 million. British pounds and with staff number up to 50 people are required to provide simplified balance sheet.

Bearer shares or with unannounced nominee (capital increase is necessary) is allowed for non-resident companies.

There are following requirements for foreign companies in the Offshore zone Gibraltar:

It must be at least one director and shareholder (private or legal person), at that, the director cannot be a citizen of Gibraltar or person with the place of registration in peninsula. The place for the directors and shareholders meetings, as well as for storage of documents of the company is not regulated. The post of company Secretary is required, (s)he must be a resident of Gibraltar. Standard authorized capital – is 2000 Gibraltar or British pounds, which is usually divided into 2,000 shares with par value of 1 pound.

IT-OFFSHORE company offers services for foreign company’s registration in Gibraltar.

The minimum cost of the package is $ 999.


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