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Today, Gibraltar is one of the most favorable European jurisdiction for offshore business registration, because it combines the unique advantages. On the one hand, being UK property, Gibraltar is part of the European Union. This provides solid reputation in the international financial community, it is not included in the "black list" FATF. On the other hand, Gibraltar may choose own fiscal policies, so registered company receives all offshore benefits, particularly tax exemption. Offshore development and prosperity in Gibraltar happens with strong support from the public authorities.

There are following economic advantages of offshore companies’ registration in Gibraltar:

- Exemption from tax on income earned outside the jurisdiction;

- Minimum size of the annual government fees;

- There are no requirements to the size of the share capital and its payment;

- There is no capital gains tax, inheritance tax;

- No exchange controls;

- Minimum number of directors and shareholders, they may be the same person. No requirements to their citizenship and nationality. Both directors and shareholders can be private or legal entities;

- Using the nominee service is prescribed by the law to increase the level of privacy, while the true owner of the company will not be determined;

- Does not require shareholder meeting.

Inexpensive cost for opening in the European jurisdiction and further servicing of offshore companies in Gibraltar are considered as additional bonus. IT-OFFSHORE offers fast registration of the company in just 24 hours. Your presence is not necessary, we can produce the registration remotely.

Businessmen often use Gibraltar to open the financial, shipping, holding companies. It is especially advantageous to open trading company here, which, thanks to the benefits of duty-free status, can import and sell wide variety of goods in large quantities to the European markets. However, it should be mentioned that Gibraltar have not an agreement on avoidance of double taxation with any country.

There are a number of restrictions and requirements for opening offshore jurisdiction in Gibraltar:

- It is necessary the presence of the office and secretary with local residency;

- Banking, insurance and trust activities are subject to licensing;

- Offshore companies are prohibited from providing any services to the local population;

- It is necessary to keep accounting records and submit annual financial statements, but there is simplified reporting regime for small and medium-sized companies;

- The auditor`s report is not required only for small businesses.

Gibraltar is constantly striving to obtain the better status of offshore jurisdictions in Europe, comparable with Asian Hong Kong. Political stability and actively growing economy makes offshore Gibraltar the best option for businessmen who want to get easy access to European markets. Contact to the IT-OFFSHORE company and use all advantages of the company registration in offshore Gibraltar area.


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