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Germany – is prestigious low-tax jurisdiction, situated in Central Europe. In German law there are no rules that prohibit foreign nationals to register company here. There are opportunity to reduce the tax rate; in addition, Germany has signed a set of agreements on avoidance of double taxation with more than 70 countries (including Russia and Ukraine).

Benefits of company registration in Germany:

- stable political and economic situation;

- absence of foreign exchange controls;

- presence of reliable banks in the country;

- prestigious European jurisdiction;

- signed agreement on avoidance of double taxation;

- VAT refund.

The types of companies that can be registered in the Federal Republic of Germany:

- Joint-stock company (AG).

- Limited Liability Company (GmbH).

- General partnership with unlimited liability (OHG).

- Limited Partnership (KG).

- Civil Law Partnership.

- The branch of foreign company.

- Sole tradership.

Limited liability company (GmbH) and joint-stock company (AG) are the most common types of business in Germany. The minimum authorised capital for GmbH company is 25,000 €. At the time of company registration it should be paid at least half of the authorised capital (if 2 or more founders). Or pay in full, if there is GmbH founder. At least one director and shareholder of the company is necessary for limited liability company registration. Director GmbH can be both Germany resident and non-resident. The company`s shareholders must be private or legal persons of any residence. The shareholders names of Limited Liability Company entered in the Commercial Register. You can use nominee service for complete privacy. There are no requirements for company secretary. Limited Liability Company is required to prepare annual accounts and be under audit.

Exclusive requirement for GmbH:

1. Legal address with a phone number in place of registration.

2. In the company it should work auditor on ongoing basis.

Joint-stock company

At the time of AG registration the quarter part of minimum authorised capital (50 000 €) must be paid. Minimum number of shareholders – is 1 and it may be legal or private person. The joint-stock company must has at least 1 member of board and at least 3 members of Supervisory Board. This Council is composed of shareholders, workers and employees of the company.

Supervisory Board functions in AG:

- Management control;

- Check the company’s property;

- Convoke Meeting of Shareholders;

- Give consent for major events.

AG may issue both registered shares and shares to bearer. The joint stock company keeps accounting and financial statements yearly, and must publish financial statements on yearly basis. The names of the founder shareholders entered in the Commercial Register. We recommend using the services of nominee shareholders for the full confidentiality.

Taxation in Germany

- Corporate tax - 15%.

- The basic rate of value added tax - 19% (reduced rate is 7%).

- Tax on income from capital - 25%.

- Industrial Tax - 15-20% (the tax rate is determined by the municipal authorities, and depending on the land).

- Tax on dividends - 25% (except the solidarity supplement).

- Tax on interest - 25% (except the solidarity supplement).

- Tax on royalties - 15% (except the solidarity supplement).

Germany has concluded international treaties on avoidance of double taxation with such countries: Estonia, Canada, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, USA, Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, Malta, Norway, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Mauritius, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Australia, France, Italy Greece, China, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sri Lanka, Spain, Korea, Israel, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Ireland, Thailand, Philippines, Italy, Mexico etc.


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