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The Kingdom of Denmark – is a Scandinavian country located in the northern part of the European continent. The territory of the State comprises the Jutland peninsula and the islands of the Danish archipelago. The country has a highly developed economy, the main directions of which are machine building, metalworking, food and chemical industries as well as agriculture (meat and dairy industry). Denmark has one of the lowest rates of inflation and unemployment. The country is a member of the EU, but not part of the Eurozone, and has its own currency - the Danish krone.

There are the following types of business in Denmark:

- Open Joint Stock Company (A/S);

- Limited Liability Company (SMBA);

- Closed Joint Stock Company with limited liability (APS);

- Limited Partnership (K/S).

There are the following advantages of company registration in Denmark:

- Image of the company, registered in the prestigious jurisdiction;

- Possibility of tax optimization;

- Possibility of opening a bank account in Denmark and abroad;

- Signed agreement on avoidance of double taxation;

- No foreign exchange controls;

- Ability to use nominee services;

- It is necessary only one director and one shareholder for company registration;

- Directors and shareholders can be private or legal entities.

In Denmark, registration of tax-free holding company is the most effective strategy for tax planning. As a member of the EU, Denmark complies its directive on subsidiaries and holding companies. Based on this document, if the Danish company controls at least 25% of subsidiary’s shares, located in the EU, that dividends transferred from it to Danish company is not taxed. If subsidiary branch is in the country outside of the European Union, then treaty on avoidance of double taxation signed with 69 countries enters into the force. Thus, the company in Denmark can avoid payment of 25% corporate tax. This also applies if subsidiary company has not paid the tax on dividends, which gradually distinguishes Denmark from popular countries for the holdings registration.

Danish companies are exempt from the payment of 25% capital gains tax after selling the shares of the foreign subsidiary. The same thing happens with income tax, the rate of which in Denmark is 32%. In order to avoid income tax payment on dividends, Danish company is obliged to keep 25% of shares in the foreign branch of at least 12 months, and foreign branch should not be classified as finance company.

Different kinds of companies registered in Denmark, have to meet certain requirements. The authorized capital is specified upon the registration of limited liability company (ApS) - DKK 80,000 and joint-stock company (A/S) - DKK 500 000. A common requirement is presence of registered office in Denmark, necessity to submit financial reporting and audit. Requirements to the directors and shareholders: for ApS it is necessary at least one director and one shareholder, for AS - minimum three directors and one shareholder, who may be private or legal entities. There are no residency requirements for shareholders, directors (For AS - two out of three) must have Denmark residency. There are no requirements to the post of Secretary.

One can issue personal shares, as well as with a nominal value of any currency. Bearer shares are permitted only for public companies. Information about directors, shareholders and beneficiary is public, stored at the agent, and not available to third parties. Nominee service is also possible. There are no restrictions in the choice of banks, countries, number of accounts within corporate account opening.


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