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Good offer Delaware LITE

The company's registration in Delaware is a simple procedure. The organizer does not need to personally visit the country. Self-registration is not required. The collection and compilation of the necessary package of documents does not take much time. Registration must begin with a name that ends with Corporation, Incorporated, Limited or abbreviation Corp., Inc., Ltd.

The main points of company registration in the state of Delaware

The registration of a corporation in the State of Delaware takes from 1 day to 3 weeks. The founder can pay for fast registration. The relevant state bodies are entitled to charge a certain amount for urgent registration. In addition, the company organizer does not need to visit the staff and even the country. Registration in the state of Delaware can be carried out remotely.

A package of documents is required depending on the status of the organizer of the company. For physical persons it is enough to have a passport and a document confirming the place of registration.

For legal entities, it will be necessary to prepare registration documents, as well as the passports of all individuals that are in the structure of the legal entity.

It is also necessary to understand that some documents in each individual case have a substitute.

A phased registration procedure includes:

1. Verification of the company name and official confirmation.
2. Filling out the forms of documents, as well as preparing the requested package.
3. Payment of fees and fees established for registration.
4. Company incorporation.
5. Notarization and apostillation (conducted on an individual basis).
6. Obtaining a ready-made package of documents confirming the completion of the procedure. Originals are delivered by an international courier company.

When choosing a jurisdiction to register a corporation, the organizer needs to know the main points of conducting and organizing an offshore company in the state of Delaware.

1. The registration takes an average of 5 days.
2. A director and a shareholder may be one person, a citizen of any country.
3. The minimum requirements to the authorized capital are not specified.
4. Non-resident companies that do not carry out their business on the territory of the state are not subject to income taxes.
5. Companies that are registered in this jurisdiction, but profits are earned through activities in another country, are not subject to taxation.


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