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The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe and is known not only for the tourist attractions. In the post-communist spacing Czech Republic is one of the most economically successful states. The development of the financial sector, attractive tax policy and improved corporate law in the complex have created favorable conditions for attracting foreign investments.

Czech Republic is an onshore area where corporate income tax are charged. This onshore company opening in the Czech Republic - is not only a tool for the European market, but a number of opportunities for tax planning. In addition, the Czech Republic is a respectable European jurisdiction, which is not associated with classic offshore and does not appear in the "black list" of the EU.

This jurisdiction has a number of advantages for business:

- Intensive development of the economy, creating opportunities for business development;

- Favorable conditions for the assets protection;

- Loyal tax policy;

- Ability to open an account with a foreign bank;

- Possibility to obtain a residence permit.

Non-resident companies in the Czech Republic often work in the restaurant or hotel business, trade, leasing of real estate bought into acquisition. Almost all activities are subject to mandatory licensing. The exceptions are companies that are engaged in the rental of real estate, as well as representatives of creative professions. The state leads elaborate tax policy, gradually reducing the tax rates, in particular, corporate income tax (for the period from 2004 to 2014 the tax rate changed from 28% to 19%).

The advantages of the Czech tax system:

- Signing of agreements on avoidance of double taxation with more than 80 countries;

- Membership in the EU, thanks to which is possible to apply the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive;

- Possibility of exemption from income tax on dividends, that are received from the subsidiaries registered outside the EU;

- Easy registration procedure of certificate of tax residency.

Opening of onshore company in the Czech Republic provides certain tax benefits in the case of job creation for citizens and improving their skills. For tax optimization, company can be involved as a sales agent by an agency agreement with partner who is in the offshore area or in the country with preferential tax treatment. One can open a company in the Czech Republic as an intermediary for the payments implementation between seller and buyer, using the bank account opened in the Czech bank.

There are following tax rates in the Czech Republic:

Corporate income tax is 19%.

VAT is 19% reduced rate is 9%.

The tax on dividends, interest and royalties – is 15%.

One can open a company in the Czech Republic the form of:

- Limited Liability Company (s.r.o).

- Open Joint Stock Company (a.s).

- Partnership with limited and unlimited liability.

- Cooperative.

- Subsidiary.

Limited Liability Company is the most common form. From 2014 the minimum amount of the authorized capital is one Czech crown, but for long-term visa, it is desirable to invest authorized capital in the amount of 200 000 CZK. For company registration, it is enough for at least one director (private or legal person – with country’s residency) and minimum one founder. Creation of the board of directors is not necessary, but the supervisory board can be established.

To open the onshore company in the Czech Republic, one should provide the following documents:

- Application for company registration.

- Documents proving the identity of the founders.

- Charter.

- Founders Agreement.

- Document confirming the payment of authorized capital (if necessary).

- Certificates of good conduct of directors.

- Documents about the absence of tax privileges for founders.

The maximum term of documents examination and decision-making about company registration – is 90 days from the date of submission the application. This time frame includes sending the authenticated document, confirming incorporation by the public registrar. Then one can apply the application of VAT number. It is also easy to open onshore company in the Czech Republic in the terms of price for registration, which is significantly lower than in neighboring European countries.


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