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The Czech (Czech Republic) – is a state located in Central Europe. The country has common borders with Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. The capital city is Prague, which is the largest city in the country and popular tourist center.

Czech is a parliamentary republic, headed by the president. The country is divided into 13 districts, each of which is divided into districts and statutory city. The country has developed economy, the most important industries are metallurgy, machine-building, fuel and energy, light and chemical industries. Czech Republic is a member of the European Union and NATO.

The country has a well developed financial services sector. Czech Republic is not in the full sense of the word offshore territory, it is onshore, because there is income tax. Nevertheless, there are wide opportunities to reduce the corporate tax and thereby tax optimization.

Company registration in the Czech Republic has a number of advantages:

- Favorable geographical position;

- Economic stability;

- Image of the company registered in respectable European country;

- Minimum requirements for the authorized capital;

- No foreign exchange controls;

- Signed with more than 80 countries an agreement on avoidance of double taxation;

- Ability for multivisa processing and obtaining a residence permit.

In addition, prices for the firm`s registration in the onshore Czech Republic is much lower than in most EU countries.

Here, as in most European countries, the government is constantly improving fiscal policies, creating favorable conditions to make company registration in the onshore Czech Republic more profitable. A positive aspect is the fact that information about upcoming changes in the tax code is provided in advance.

The rate of corporate tax in the Czech Republic is 19%. The tax is charged from any kind of profit received from the company activity across the country and abroad. The tax is paid semi-annually or quarterly. Company registration in Czech in the tax authorities takes place within 30 days from the date of registration. Reporting fiscal period runs from January to December and tax returns are provided for the period up to March 31 of the following year. The VAT rate is 19% and applies to transactions of purchase and sale of goods and services in the Czech Republic. Reducing VAT rate to 9% is applied to certain types of construction and some other activities. Income tax rate for private persons is 15%; tax on dividends, interest and royalties will also charged at the rate of 15%.

Since Czech Republic is an EU member, it is subjected to the action of the EU Directive "On the subsidiary and parent companies." Thus, dividends received from subsidiary company registered in the EU, if parent`s ownership interest of Czech company exceeds 10% are not taxable. One can register company in the Czech Republic not only for doing business in Europe - it is also good possibility to buy property in the Czech Republic, as well as obtaining a residence permit. In recent years, in the corporate law of the Czech Republic there were important changes concerning the requirements for the size of the share authorized capital in Limited Liability Company (from 8000 euros to 1 Czech crown), as well as ability to use legal persons as directors.

Company registration in the Czech Republic is available in the following business types:

- Limited Liability Company (Spolecnost s Rucenim Omezenym s.r.o.).

- Joint-Stock Company (Akciova Spolecnost a.s.).

- Partnership with limited and unlimited liability.

- Joint Venture.

- Branch of foreign company.

Limited Liability Company is the most popular form. The number of participants varies from 1 to 50 people. If the founder is one person, unilateral decision about company setting is provided instead of Founders Agreement.

The director must have Czech Republic residency and residence permit. It is also necessary registered office in the country with supporting documents in the form of loan agreement. All activities in the country are subject to licensing, in particular, this applies to banking and insurance activities, pharmaceuticals, communal and telecommunications services providing. There are requirements for annual financial statements provision.

It is necessary to have one legal or two private or legal entities for joint stock company registration. The shareholders meeting should be held at least once a year. For its legitimacy, it is necessary the presence of the majority of shareholders and presence of 2/3 shareholders is necessary for making decisions about share issue or about amending in the charter. The Board of Directors is the principal governing body, it consists of at least three directors with country’s residency. Minimum authorized capital is 20 million. CZK, 30% of which must be deposited at the time of registration. Company registration in the Czech Republic is enable of nominee service, which is convenient not only for privacy, but also to simplify the filing of documents in the case, if founder is a non- EU person.


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