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Good offer Cyprus STANDARD

Buy offshore in Cyprus.

Cyprus ceased to be a classic offshore zone, becoming a member of EU for more than 10 years ago. However, thanks to specially developed system of economic and fiscal measures, encouraging investment and business activity, Cyprus remains an extremely attractive place for international business opening. The success of the Cypriot offshore contributes a number of factors, primarily the high reputation in the world. Cyprus approved itself as a stable and secure international financial center. Cyprus entrance to the EU just increased the level of investment confidence. Currently, Cyprus is not included in the "black" list of the offshore companies in any country of the world. Registering offshore in Cyprus, you basically get a full European company, which enjoys with significant tax benefits and preferences.

Let’s consider in more detail the economic advantages provided by the Cypriot offshore:

- The lowest income tax in the European Union - 12.5%;

- There is no profit taxation for non-resident companies acquired outside the jurisdiction;

- There is no foreign exchange control;

- There is no tax on the payment of dividends, capital gains, security sale;

- Cyprus has signed more than 30 agreements on avoidance of double taxation, including Russian Federation;

- No inheritance tax;

- Cyprus moved to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);

- Favorable conditions for the development of holdings, no tax consolidation.

Development of offshore business in Cyprus takes place with active state supporting. Cyprus has a highly developed transport infrastructure, high level of accounting and legal services. Offshore Cyprus is perfect for opening the brokerage and dealer companies; companies engaged in global trade and investment in the stock market.

Offshore company registration in Cyprus with IT-OFFSHORE is not difficult; the process takes less than 48 hours. Personal presence is not required, company opening can be made remotely.

The advantages of Cyprus also include inexpensive by European standards cost of both the registration and the company`s further maintenance. High level of privacy is achieved through the use of nominee services, Cyprus law permits this.

There are some requirements for opening and maintenance of offshore in Cyprus:

- The minimum number of directors and shareholders is 1;

- Directors and shareholders can be private or legal entities, there are no requirements to their citizenship;

- It is necessary the presence of Secretary and registered office of the company in Cyprus;

- Company need to keep accounting records, submit reporting and pass annually auditing;

- One needs to obtain license for the insurance, banking and financial services.

Today Cyprus is a leading center for offshore business in Europe. Open a company in Cyprus is not only prestigious and respectable, but also profitable. IT-OFFSHORE company offers you all benefits of offshore in Cyprus in order to minimize the tax burden and improving the competitiveness of your business.


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