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Good offer Cyprus PRO

Offshore in Cyprus - the choice of modern businessman!

Offshore in Cyprus is enough non-classical. Cyprus is in the white list of the countries with the highest tax standards in the world. Cyprus has quasioffshore status thanks to distinctive features of its taxation. This is a big plus for investors, non-residents who want to conquer Cyprus offshore using benefits regulated by legislation. The choice of many successful businessmen falls on Cyprus, and it is not coincidence!

Russian economy knows three major investor, and one of which is Cyprus. Since our country is free from insulation measures and the "iron curtain" has risen, more and more Russians began to open Cyprus offshore. This is due to many advantages offered by this choice. Our company is pleased to help you if you decide to register your business in Cyprus. High reliability and acceptable cost of service are guaranteed.

Our prices:

For more information, you can specify the price in our operator. Our company offers several options:

- Company registration in the Republic of Cyprus. This option to get offshore in Cyprus is the easiest and budgetary, it includes registration, and nothing more.

- Package "All inclusive". This service of offshore opening in Cyprus includes the following: we check the uniqueness of your company, registering a new one if necessary. In addition, this includes the price of ready-made offshore, a set of documents under Apostille, address and agent who is registered for one year, as well as the full nominal service and apostilled power of attorney for the same period.

This also includes company seal and opening a bank account in Cyprus Republic. Do not forget about duty for companies with indicated registered capital, which occurred every year. Our company has the most affordable and pleasant prices. If you contacts us, you will get excellent results.

Cyprus offshore: distinctive features.

Cyprus offshore company has a basic registration form - LLC. The name of company must end with Limited or LTD. There is no maximum amount of the share capital, but the lowest number is 1000 euros. When you place shares in Cyprus, you need to pay the state fee. It is approximately 0.6% of total share capital. Variants of the company’s activity are not limited, it can be any kind except those cannot be carried out unlicensed.

How is the process of registration?

Legal and private persons have the right of offshore registration in Cyprus. It is no matter what the citizenship have directors and shareholders – this is not taken into account during the registration. Among the owners must be director and shareholder - each of one. In addition, the secretary must be present - it is mandatory position. Remember, that the director can not be secretary, it is necessary that on these positions were two different people. If the secretary will be the resident of Cyprus, it will be great advantage for you, because (s)he has to submit papers in government agencies on behalf of the company.

Determination of the company’s tax residency takes place at the place of management. If the Board of Directors includes a majority of Cypriots - resident, in another case, it can be difficulty with the confirmation from the revenue authority. That is why it is best to use nominee directors, that will greatly facilitate such process. Offshore zone includes contracts and agreements concerning the elimination of double taxation for a large number of countries. These countries include Russia and most of Europe and CIS.

Taking into account modification of the European legislation about VAT, at this moment the place of providing services is country, where the customer is located. It turns out that if company in Cyprus payed more 15,600 euros per year, it becomes registered and is considered as VAT payer. It is necessary to submit VAT statements every quarter.

How to know that Cyprus offshore is the right choice?

The company in Cyprus will suit you if you are focused on:

- Shares owning in other firms,

- Making the contributions in the stock market,

- Ownership of trademarks,

- International trade, etc...

Company in Cyprus is considered universal for international activities. It is a great choice if you plan to do just that.

Tax rate

Income (in general) - 12.5%

Dividends - 0%

Profit from securities - 0%

Royalties - 2.5%

When Cyprus joined to the EU in 2003, companies on it territory are no longer divided into offshore and local. Before that, it were recorded identically, but the tax regimes are quite varied. Income tax of 42, 55 levied from aboriginal companies, and from offshore - only 4, 25%. The new code joined into the force from 1.01.03. Now the rate is the same for both, it was 10% immediately after the adoption of the law, and the corporate tax rate has grown to 12, 5% by 2013.

What should be compulsory audit for companies?

Annual auditing is compulsory for offshore in Cyprus. Not later than at the end of eighteen months from the date of registration, one must submit the first report.

There is one nuance, which we must not forget, if your company is going to give the loan at interest. This is especially true in cases of depositing funds in bank deposits. This nuance – is a separate contribution for defense. Of course, it applied infrequently, but one should clarify the details regarding this duty in advance.

Remember that if you submit the statements too late or generally do not submit anything, this can cause the bringing to responsibility the chief executives of the company. It is so serious that it can be criminal case.

Where it is better to register or buy offshore?

Our company provides high quality services for the offshore registration in Cyprus. We have highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in this field. Cooperation with us will bring you a lot of pleasant experiences and benefits. In our company you will find a nice service, professionalism and superior quality services. One can get advice by the telephone indicated on the site. Professional staff will pleasantly respond to all your questions. Become successful together with us! Call now, do not miss your chance!


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