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The Republic of Vanuatu, located in the southwestern Pacific, is a very attractive state in terms of registering an offshore company on its territory. This is explained by the fact that the government of this jurisdiction has created excellent conditions both for the registration of international organizations and for their activities.

Depending on the nature of the activities to be undertaken by the company that is opened in this country, it can be registered in one of several forms, namely:

- foreign organization;
- international company;
- limited or unlimited company;
- liberated structure;
- offshore limited liability company;
- fund;
- registered structure with segregated portfolios;
- so-called local firm.

The most popular form of organizations opened by foreign citizens in Vanuatu are international structures, which is explained by a number of advantages. Annually, a large number of organizations open to Vanuatu by foreign citizens, who are granted significant tax benefits by this state. For the activities of such structures, which is especially important, there is no currency state control, which gives them the opportunity to freely move money in any amount.

The specifics of the registration procedure for international companies in Vanuatu

In order to establish an international company in the territory of this small island, there is no need for the availability of authorized capital. To carry out such a procedure, it is necessary only to have a legal address where the tax agent will be registered, as well as the presence of the shareholder of the organization or its general director. The most important requirements that are imposed on organizations in a given country are as follows:

- do not involve funds for citizens living in the country to carry out their activities;
- not to conduct business in Vanuatu.

In general, the procedure for opening a company here is associated with minimal difficulties, which allows solving this issue very quickly and with minimal financial costs.

How much does it cost to open a company in Vanuatu?

The cost of opening a company in a given country consists of the payment of a number of services, which, in particular, include:

- government duty;
- registered agent services;
- services for the provision of a registration office;
- preparation of documents required for registration;
- printing production;
- official certification of documents, if necessary;
- delivery of documents by courier.

The approximate cost of registration, if you sum up all of the above costs, is about $ 3,000.

List of documents required to register a company in Vanuatu

In order to open a firm in this jurisdiction, the following package of documents will be required:

- copies of passports of the tax resident of the country and the owner of the future firm;
- application for registration;
- notification of the presence of a registered office;
- the charter;
- a package of documents of a person who will perform the functions of a nominal director.

You can register a company in the territory of this island state with the help of our company, which will allow you to save time and solve this problem not only in the shortest time, but also with minimal financial costs.


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