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Offshore companies registration in US

The US territory is divided into 51 states, each of with has its own legislation. It can have significant differences with the legal bases of other states. There are states with rather conservative legislation: it has not yet been legalized modern forms of western business registration such as LLC, which are not subject to corporate tax in the United States. However, there are some states, the registration of which gives the company opportunity to minimize its taxes. Economically, this option may be comparable or even more justified compared with registration in the classic offshore areas with similar conditions. US law provides registration of various types of IBC (International Business Company).

In most cases, it is Corporation (joint stock company). All offshore companies in the United States must have in its name the words Limited, Ltd., Corporation, Corp., Incorporation, Inc., or its synonyms S.A., A.G., N.V., S.R.L., G.m.b.H., B.V. - for some states.

In addition, it is possible relatively new kind company - LLC (Limited Liability Company - something combining the qualities of Partnership and Limited Liability Company).

All LLC companies have in its name abbreviation L.L.C. or L.C. In the United States, there is no such term as "offshore", and offshore companies are not registered in the United States.

One can lonely talk about doing business in the USA, about the process of company registration, nuances of its structuring and taxation. Deciding which of the states is most attractive for the future company registration, it is necessary to consider that legislation, tax policy as for companies, as well as the cost of registration and annual fees in the US can greatly vary from state to state. For a long time, Oregon, thanks to flexible and clear legislation, was the best option for the company’s registration in the United States. More than 200,000 corporations have chosen this piece of land on the coast as the place of legal residence.

Oregon is not included in the black list of offshore, so here you will be able to register a respectable American company, that your partners and customers will not considered as offshore.

There is possibility to register two types of companies: LLC and Corporation in Oregon:

We usually recommend our clients LLC ones.

There are the following benefits of LLC in Oregon for non-US residents:

If the LLC owners are non-residents of the United States, the income tax is payable only on income received in the United States. Thus, LLC, registered by the non-residents of the United States should not pay taxes in the US, if it is not profiting on its territory.

Most of the owners of offshore companies in the United States (Oregon) is actively engaged in business outside the USA.

There are the following requirements for the offshore company in the USA:

- In the name, Limited Liability Company should be abbreviation LLC or phrase Limited Liability Company in the end;

- In the name of the Corporation at the end should be the following abbreviations or words: Incorporated, Limited, Corporation (Inc., Ltd, Corp.);

- There are no requirements for capital and payment;

- There is no possibility to create bearer shares;

- It is possible to create shares without nominal;

- It is possible the presence of one director and one shareholder;

- Nominee shareholders and directors can manage the company;

- Banking, trust, reinsurance, safety operation without license considered as prohibited activities.

Taxation system:

On the territory of Oregon, tax depends on what type of company you decide to open. It should be understood that the company, whose owner is not a resident, does not pay taxes in the United States.

Corporate law:

The legislative act "About Companies", which operates in the territory of the State of Delaware.

Requirements for reporting:

The Company is required to maintain records and prepare annual financial report. Audit report is not necessary.

Agreement on avoidance of double taxation:

Oregon, which located in the United States, has signed about 60 agreements on avoidance of double taxation.

Agreement on Provision of tax information:

Registrar of Companies in the territory of Oregon is open. Therefore, third parties can obtain information about the shareholders and directors in the US offshore.

The process of opening a bank account.

The main condition for account opening in American bank – is existence of identification number of the employer in the legal entity. Individuals, particularly individual entrepreneurs must have a social security number for account opening. Social Security Number (SSN) – is nine digit number assigned by US citizens, permanently residing persons (owners of Green Card), as well as working migrants, which is the taxpayer`s identity of private person.

There are the following advantages of the offshore zone in the USA:

1. Company registered in Oregon, can store documents in any place. It is very simple to open offshore in Oregon.

2. From the moment our staff will submit documents for the company registration in Oregon, it will take about three weeks before the opening of offshore.

In addition to Oregon, our company offers to open offshore in many countries, such as Estonia, Scotland, Bulgaria, etc.


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