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Good offer Belize STANDARD

Let’s consider more detailed the main advantages of the company registration in Belize:

1. No taxation. If company is registered in Belize, has been operating not across the country, then it should not have to pay any taxes.

2. Another advantage of this jurisdiction – is a high level of confidentiality, as there is closed register of companies, registered in Belize. This means that the company`s shareholder’s and director’s names are not publicly available.

3. What on reporting, offshore company in Belize does not keep accounting records.

4. There are no restrictions on the entry and withdrawal of money from the country.

5. There is no need for paying the share capital.

Company registration in the offshore zone Belize: 

It is necessary one shareholder and one director for offshore company registration in this jurisdiction. There are no restrictions for directors and shareholders residency. Directors and shareholders may be both private and legal persons. By the way, one person can also be a director and shareholder of the company, registered in Belize. There are no limitations on the number of directors of the company.

There are a number of restrictions for companies registered in Belize:

1. It is forbidden to conduct business activities with residents of Belize.

2. It is forbidden to have property on the territory of jurisdiction.

3. It is forbidden to engage in banking, trust and insurance activities.

Do you want to buy offshore in Belize?

If you have a need to protect your assets, this jurisdiction is a good choice. On top of that, company registration in Belize allow to reduce the taxes, at that the names of the shareholders and directors of the company are not disclosed. Moreover, within nominee service it is impossible to indicate the true owner of offshore company in Belize.

The cost of service provisioning within the offshore registration in Belize, is - Belize Lite 399 US $, Belize Standard 750 US $, Belize PRO 999 US $. Fees are also charged for renewal each year. The additional costs of an offshore zone in Belize, if desired, may include the purchase of a number of international certificates.


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