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US (California)

Advantages of Oregon as an offshore jurisdiction

Stable jurisdiction with excellent reputation. Oregon is famous for its modern corporate legislation and is a good choice if you intend to make your company public. The Oregon State provides a high level of privacy and confidentiality.

American Limited Liability Companies can be considered as an offshore company registered in tax haven if the owners (participants) do not perform activities in the United States and are not residents of the country.

Taxation and Reports

American Limited Liability Company registered by non-residents of the United States is tax free in the country of its registration providing it does not gain income on its territory. LLC has the right carry out activities outside the United States with no tax registration and therefore avoid reports delivery.
In case you intend to do business in the United States and cooperate with US residents the law requires tax registration of your company with the following reporting and taxpaying.

Nominee shareholders and directors



By using a nominee service.
Minimum one shareholder and director can establish an offshore company in Oregon (USA). One person, private individual or legal entity, can hold all these posts.

IT-OFFSHORE.COM team has the experience in LLC registration in Oregon. We make sure you get the service that will serve you and your interests in the long term for the benefit of your customers and your business.