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The advantages of Panama as an offshore jurisdiction

For more than eighty years offshore companies in Panama have been recognized worldwide as a corporate instrument that can be successfully applied for assets protection, planning the structure of acquisition and management of the real estate market as well as in many other fields of international business. Panama takes the second place according to the number of registered companies due to all these advantage factors for business development.

Advantages of registering an offshore company in Panama:
- Registration within 24-48 hours.
- Companies in Panama can be registered regardless the directors and shareholders’ nationalities.
- Income gained from offshore company’s activity outside the country is tax free.
- Delivery of any financial reports or tax returns to the state bodies of the Republic of Panama are not required providing the company does not receive income from internal sources.
- Legal entities of any jurisdiction may act as directors, functionaries, and shareholders of Panama corporations.
- Annual meetings of Directors or shareholders are not required.
- Directors and Shareholders can be present at the meetings personally, by proxy, using phone or any other electronic means.
- Directors can be individuals or legal entities.
- Shareholders’ names are not in the State Registrar of Panama providing complete anonymity.
-Panamanian corporations are authorized to perform any activity which is not against the law.
- No currency control.
- Panama is not in the black list of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and will soon be excluded of the black lists of many countries and that provides more freedom in making bargains for the Panamian companies and their owners.

Company type
An offshore company in Panama is registered as Corporation (Panamanian Corporation or "Sociedades Anónimas")

Panamanian company pays annual fixed fee.

Financial reports
Financial reports are not required.

Nominee shareholders and directors
Minimum one owner, one shareholder and three directors are required to register an offshore company in Panama. We understand your aims and offer full and partial nominee service for your convenience.

Related services (optional):
● Operating a virtual office in Panama - price upon request
Safekeeping of incorporation documents in a separate client cell in our Head Office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany - US $ 50 / year