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The company's registration in the US has recently become a demanded cost-effective action. Delaware is one of the states of the United States of America. This offshore jurisdiction has its pros and cons. Before talking directly about registering a business, you need to consider the characteristics of the territory.

About Delaware

Territorially the state is located along the Atlantic coast. Economically, this can be considered an advantageous and convenient location. The capital of the state is the city of Dover. The administrative center is quite developed. In the territory there are large financial institutions, international banks. The largest port is in Wilmington. The urban population prevails. Two-thirds of residents live in the city.

The large coastal state of America has its own constitution. The branch of legislative power is in the hands of a bicameral legislature. One chamber representatives, the second is the Senate. The branch of executive power belongs to the governor. The term of election of the governor is 4 years.

The state is considered as the center of US business. Legislative regulation of corporate policy includes the Companies Act with limited liability. Within the framework of the normative document, the organization of companies on a partner and corporate basis or LLC is implied. Such organizations are characterized by positive features of partnerships with limited liability in terms of taxation and full anonymity of all participants in a similar way to a corporate device.

This act began to attract the attention of non-residents. Thanks to the document, business organizers in the state of Delaware are absolutely legally not subject to federal taxes.
The federal system of US organization presupposes various norms of corporate law.

Delaware has its own characteristics, however, it is currently considered as the most popular area for registering and doing business from the point of view of the favorable legal system and the economic state of the region. Every third major corporation in America is registered in Delaware.
Non-residents of the country are offered to use two main ways of organizing business. At the legislative level, the following are permitted: Corporation and LLC.