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Hong Kong STAND.

High degree of banking system reliability, which is one of the most stable in the world, is considered as advantage of offshore purchasing in Hong Kong. One have the opportunity to buy an offshore company and open bank account in Hong Kong. This can be done only if the company is registered in this jurisdiction.

Buy offshore in Hong Kong - is great opportunity to do business in a low tax jurisdiction with transparent tax system.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region in China, one of the world`s largest financial centers in Asia-Pacific region. This territory belongs to the low-tax and, consequently, one of the most profitable sales areas in Asia. As the largest center of international trade, Hong Kong serves as a gateway to doing business in the country. This explains the growing popularity of Hong Kong companies, which are ideal for international business.

Hong Kong has the largest free trade zone. In many ways, the Chinese law contributes to this, creating conditions for the efficient business operation in the country. Economy of Hong Kong – is one of the most competitive: in 2015, this region took the first place in the ranking of "The freest economies in the world". Note that this position the jurisdiction holds over the past 15 years. There are offices of major international banks. Economic policy, driven by China, maintains the low-tax, free trade, minimum regulation and freedom of business activity in Hong Kong.

The company’s owner receives the following documents after registration:

- Certificate of incorporation;

- Business Registration Certificate;

- Memorandum of Association;

- Articles of Association;

- Minutes of First Meeting of Directors;

- Initial resolution by subscribers to appoint first directors.

- Register of Directors;

- Share Certificates;

- Registers of Members;

- Apostille of the bound set of copies of Constitutive documents;

- Company seal.

One will have the following documents with the use of nominee director services:

- Nominee service agreement;

- Resolution to issue Power of Attorney;

- General Power of Attorney under apostille.

One will have the following documents with the use of nominee shareholder services:

- Declaration of Trust;

- Nominee Service agreement;

- Stock transfer Form (Blank).

One should to have the following documents for company registration in Offshore Hong Kong:

1. Notarized copy of the main turning of foreign / national passport (with photo).

2. Document confirming the address. It can be the following: utility bill, bank statement or credit card account, certificate issued by the municipality of residence, extract from the book of registration of tenants, letter from the notary, bank, etc.

The company registration procedure in Hong Kong is as follows:

1. Order and preliminary consultations.

2. Selecting the name of the company and checking on the uniqueness, accuracy, neutrality name of the company by the Registrar,.

3. Necessary documents for the company registration.

4. Payment order.

5. Delivery of registration documents.

6. After the company`s registration is completed, our staff will contact you and ask to sign a few documents (declaration of company’s document store address, confirmation the director position, etc.).

Our company offers to buy offshore company in Hong Kong with bank account opening. Minimum price – is 4500 USD (one can remotely buy ready-made company in offshore Hong Kong).

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