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Hong Kong – is known throughout the world as largest financial center, referring to the number of low-tax jurisdictions. Laissez-faire policy on the part of the state in the business processes and rapid development of infrastructure have made Hong Kong the most attractive region firstly for conducting international business. There are representations of the world`s largest companies.

Hong Kong – is the largest Asian offshore zone with established impeccable reputation and attractive pricing policy; besides this financial center is included in the "white" list of offshore. Hong Kong is not a member of the OECD, so there are no information sharing with other countries that are part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Since 1842 Hong Kong are among the British colonies, and in 1997 the region is under the jurisdiction of China. Today, Hong Kong – is offshore zone, a special administrative region of China, which territory is divided into 18 districts. Currency – is Hong Kong dollar HK $.

Private Limited Company is the company’s type, which is used in the offshore Hong Kong for international business.

The advantages of this jurisdiction may also include the signed agreement on avoidance of double taxation with the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Vietnam.

There are following benefits of company registration in Hong Kong:

- This jurisdiction is not absolute offshore, promoting strengthening its business reputation on the international market;

- Information about the beneficial owner of the company is strictly confidential and is only available to registered agent and auditor;

- No foreign exchange controls;

- Loyal tax policy - there are no taxes on capital gains, dividends, interest on bank deposits, VAT;

- Financial stability;

- Exemption from the financial statements if the business is conducted outside Hong Kong;

- No taxation if the business is conducted outside the country (territorial taxation principle).

Restrictions for the Hong Kong offshore company:

Re-employment activity without special license: banking, trust, insurance is prohibited.

Taxation in Hong Kong:

16.5% - on profits earned across the country;

0% - on profits earned outside Hong Kong.

It is necessary art least 1 director and 1 shareholder for company registration in Hong Kong. The authorized capital for Ltd. – is 10,000 Hong Kong dollars. At the time of registration at least one share valued at 1 HKD must be paid. The authorized capital is invested on the bank account of the company. A limited liability company can not issue bearer shares. Ltd must hold an annual shareholders` meeting. Registry of Hong Kong companies – is public, information about directors and shareholders is public. We propose to use the nominee service, in this case, the true names of the directors and shareholders of the company will be confidentially. Information about beneficial owner of the company is not available to third parties and can only be opened by a decision of the local court.

Company registration in Hong Kong.

There are following requirements for the position of the company’s director:

- At least one director;

- Unlimited number of the company’s directors;

- Directors may be private or legal entities;

- Directors may be residents or non-residents of Hong Kong;

- Directors may be of any nationality;

- Nominee directors are permitted.

There are following requirements for the position of the company’s shareholders:

- At least one shareholder;

- It is allowed maximum 50 shareholders;

- Shareholders may be private or legal persons;

- Shareholders can be residents or non-residents of the country;

- There are no requirements to the nationality of shareholders;

- Nominee shareholders are allowed;

- It is allowed 100% local or foreign stock capital;

- Director can act as a shareholder.

There are following requirements for the position of the company’s secretary:

- The position of company’s secretary is mandatory by the law;

- Company’s secretary can be private or legal entity;

- Secretary must be a resident of Hong Kong, the professional qualification is not required;

- Director / shareholder can not be the company’s secretary.

There are following requirements to the company:

- For offshore in Hong Kong, one must have a registered office and secretary;

- All companies registered in Hong Kong are required to submit financial reports and pass audit (once a year).

Business Category for which company registration in Hong Kong is possible:

- E-commerce;

- Imports and exports;

- International Business;

- Protection of intellectual property rights;

- Storage of movable and immovable property;

- Stockbroker / Forex.

Annual service charge for your offshore company:

Company extension:

1. Rent of legal address.

2. Payment for company’s secretary services.

3. Preparation of the annual report.

4. Nominee service.

IT-Offshore provides professional assistance in the company registration in Hong Kong without personal presence. The minimum cost for the service registration – is 1250 USD.

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