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What is the procedure for company registration in Belize?

1. Order and preliminary consultations.

1.1. Company registration in Belize begins with filling the order form.

1.2. Selection the name of the company, after which the Registrar checks it for uniqueness, authenticity, neutrality.

2. Only two simple document are applied to the application:

2.1. Notarized copy of the main turning passport (with photo).

2.2. Document confirming the address.

3. Payment order.

3.1. After all details agreement our staff will expose and send you an invoice for payment.

4. Delivery of registration documents.

5. Final procedure.

5.1. After the company`s registration is completed, our staff will contact you and ask to sign a few documents (declaration of company’s document store address, confirmation the director position, etc.).

Company registration in Belize for 24 hours (buy offshore in Belize):

IT-Offshore company will open your company in Belize in just 1 day.

The cost of offshore company’s registration in Belize include:

- Registered agent services;

- Providing legal address;

- Services of nominee directors and shareholders;

- State fee for the first year;

- Apostille documents;

- Nominee service;

- Company seal.

Documents that should be submitted with the company registration in offshore zone Belize:

1. Certificate of Incorporation.

2. Articles of Association.

3. Memorandum.

4. First Meeting of Directors.

5. Share certificate.

6. Apostilled set of documents.

7. Register of Directors.

8. Register of Members.

One should have the following documents with the use of nominee director services:

Nominee service agreement.

Resolution to issue Power of Attorney.

General Power of Attorney under apostille.

One should have the following documents with the use of nominee shareholder services:

Declaration of Trust.

Nominee Service agreement.

Stock transfer Form (Blank).

The cost of service provisioning within the offshore registration in Belize, is - Belize Lite 399 US $, Belize Standard 750 US $, Belize PRO 999 US $. Fees are also charged for renewal each year. The additional costs of an offshore zone in Belize, if desired, may include the purchase of a number of international certificates.

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