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To buy offshore in Belize – is the right choice for your business 

Offshore, which our company offers to buy in Belize, differed clear and obvious benefit. The main advantage - is assured freedom of tax payments. After the purchase it will be enough to make an annual fee, which size is fixed. Currently, Belize has been signed more than twenty-five agreements of international format. Twelve agreements are characterized by the absence of double taxation. The rest are dedicated to the exchange of data about taxes and fees.

The main advantages of purchase offshore in Belize

Belize – is a state with marked tropical climate. Its area is no more than one half of the territory of the Moscow region. Belize is located in the South America Continent - namely, Yucatan Peninsula. Prior to the beginning of the seventies of the twentieth century, the country was called British Honduras, as was one of the last British colonies. After independence in the early eighties, Belize entered to the British Commonwealth. The official language is still English.

Belize – is a constitutional monarchy. Formally, the head of the state is Queen Elizabeth II. The real power is concentrated in the hands of the head of the cabinet.

Agriculture and tourism represent the economic foundation of Belize. This is due to climatic conditions, thanks which the plant and animal worlds are extremely rich in this country. One of the immediate benefits of owning offshore company in Belize is the fact that, despite being located in the conflict area, there are no disturbances in Belize.

The government is not in confrontation with neighbors or with distant neighbors. The quiet interior environment pushed to the development of investment activity, which is based on the law on the international IBC-companies adopted over twenty-five years ago. Buying offshore in Belize - is guaranteed combination of own business with the most stable economic and legal system.

Do you want to buy offshore? Belize – is a great choice! There are the following main advantages of offshore registration in Belize:

- As soon as possible registration procedure;

- The lowest prices for company registration;

- One of the lowest rates for offshore service;

- Full protection of information;

- Complete confidentiality;

- Providing nominee service.

How is the offshore registration in Belize

For offshore Belize registration, it is not necessary be in the country. For this, it will be enough to answer on the questions in the form of action from experts dealing with registration.

There are some important rules applying to the IBC-company:

- Lack of real estate in the property;

- Inability of presented the legal address in the use to third parties;

- Inability to provide services to the Belize citizens.

Offshore in Belize is classical, so purchasers are allowed to rent office and living spaces. One can open a bank account, as well as buying ships that have been registered on the territory of Belize. Many entrepreneurs are starting to engage in gambling. In particular, we are talking about online casinos, for which one can buy offshore license.

For registration in offshore zone Belize, one should provide a copy of the passport, exact address of residence of the company`s chief executive as well as the location of the future documentation placement. The proposed activities of the registered company should be indicated on a mandatory manner.

Offshore Belize has the minimum requirements to investors at the company`s registration:

- There is no need for the directors or shareholders presence on the site;

- There is no need in the secretariat functioning;

- There is no need to conduct mandatory meetings;

- There is no need for actual payments of the authorized capital;

- It is enough the share’s issue in a single copy, including without nominal.

How much worth the offshore registration in Belize?

During the offshore registration in Belize, the entrepreneur will have to pay for small number of services and mandatory fees.

One should pay for:

- Registration agent working;

- Fee for the provision of legal address;

- Fee charged by the State of Belize for the first year of using offshore;

- Services for the full legalization of the basic package of documentation in accordance with the international standardized form of legality verification;

- Press issuing of the newly established organization.

The cost of service provisioning within the offshore registration in Belize, is - Belize Lite 399 US $, Belize Standard 750 US $, Belize PRO 999 US $. Fees are also charged for renewal each year. The additional costs of an offshore zone in Belize, if desired, may include the purchase of a number of international certificates.

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