Three-day company registration in Belize

Three-day company registration in Belize

Company registration in Belize is reaching a new level. The owner now does not need to go to Central America: you can open a company online through a special platform. This greatly simplifies the procedure and makes it possible to register a company in Belize in 3 days.

Things you need to know about online business registration in Belize

OBRS is a digital platform for online company registration that allows access to all services of the Registrar of Companies and Corporate Affairs of Belize (BCCAR). To access this platform, you must create an account, which requires a Social Security ID card and an email address.

You must also register with the OBRS if you already have a functioning business and need to renew your registration. This new requirement was introduces after the changes in the law. The IBCs were abolished and the new rules apply for all businesses. By registering on the platform, you will receive:

  • A unique nine-digit business entity number;
  • Electronic certificates;
  • Full access to BCCAR services.

This innovation makes Belize more attractive to potential investors because it is not necessary to come to the country to register a business. All that is needed can now be done online. With all documents, the business is registered in 3 days.

Other advantages of the OBRS online system

The platform is not limited to registering a company in Belize or renewing a business permit. Its other perks are as follows:

  • Provides access to the profile and the legal entity history;
  • Reminds you about the annual filing of documents;
  • Provides the opportunity to obtain an electronic certificate, which can be verified by QR-code or a public part of the platform;
  • Allows to register the name of the company, etc.

All the documents that were stored in the old registries have been digitized. They can be found on the new platform. All data is secure, and it has strict confidentiality requirements.

It should be noted that the platform is very effective. At the 8th international summit of the Information Society Forum, it was ranked first among 900 projects, winning the WSIS 2023 Award in the category "ICT e-business applications: benefits in all aspects of life."

Basic requirements for registering a business in Belize

The platform definitely made it easier to start a business, but no one canceled the registration rules. The entrepreneur must ensure that he has met all the requirements of the regulator if they want the procedure to go quickly and without problems. The main requirements are the following:

  • If the shareholders and directors are not Belize residents, the company must hire an agent to represent its interests in the country.
  • Even if the company does not operate in Belize, it must have an actual office here. It can be registered at the agent's address if the company has signed a contract with that agent.
  • The company must keep the list of the real business owners, its directors, and participants in their legal office. The minutes of meetings, financial and other documents must also be stored there. This data is not publicly available, but it must be kept in the office.

You can register a company in Belize in just 3 days. However, it is essential not only to meet these requirements, but also to collect and correctly execute all the documents required by law.

How to quickly open a company in Belize

Contact the manager of IT-OFFSHORE to open a company in Belize in 2023.

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