Get UAE residency in 2023

Get UAE residency in 2023

There are two ways to become a resident of the UAE in 2023. The first is to become a citizen of the country, which is difficult, because the local authorities are afraid of losing the national identity. The second is to obtain a long-term residency visa for investment or other conditions.

How to become a resident of the UAE through citizenship

Previously, only a foreigner who had lived there for at least 30 years could become a citizen of the UAE. A woman had the opportunity to become a resident through family ties, after being married to a local citizen for 7 years, and if the marriage has no children - at least 10 years. Also, a child born abroad can apply for citizenship if the mother is Emirati and the father is unknown or has no citizenship.

But now it is easier to do so. The government has gone to the aid of applicants and provided for the possibility of obtaining citizenship through:

  • Investment - there are no exact conditions, but preference is given to entrepreneurs with a long-term visa, which make significant monetary contributions to the economy or real estate.
  • Employment - UAE welcomes internationally renowned scientists and doctors who have international awards.
  • Talent - Citizenship can be obtained by people who have recognized outstanding achievements; inventors, developers that have patented their discoveries in recognized international bodies.

It is important to understand that obtaining citizenship is a long and complicated process, which often stretches for years because different government bodies consider the application. A more promising option is a long-term visa, which grants owners the right of residence.

Residency through a long-term visa

In the laws of the UAE, there is no such thing as a residence or permanent residence permit. Instead, they give residency status through a long-term visa. Depending on the visa chosen, the applicant receives the right to live and work in the country for 1 to 10 years. The Golden visa is the longest valid allowing investors and prospective foreign employees to work, live and study in the UAE for ten years.

The conditions for obtaining UAE residency in 2023 under the rules of the Golden Visa are the following:

  • Contribution to an investment fund if the investor's capital or contribution is at least AED 2 million and the investor pays the country at least AED 250,000 annually. No credit is allowed.
  • Ownership of real estate, the total amount of which is not less than AED 2 million. It can be purchased with credit money from banks approved by a competent local authority. The visa is issued for five years.
  • A business person can get a visa for 5 years, if he proposes or has already created a technical start-up based on risk and innovation. The cost of such a project starts from AED 500,000.
  • An official invitation to work in the UAE.
  • Being a promising schoolchildren, student, doctor, scientist, athlete, etc.

Documents for long term visa

To get a Golden Visa, applicants must pass a medical examination and security check and apply for an Emirates ID card at the Federal Identification and Citizenship Authority. You must attach documents such as:

  • A lease agreement, notarized, or a document that proves ownership of the property.
  • A copy of the sponsor's passport who invited the UAE applicants, and his employment contract.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Permit to enter the UAE.
  • Insurance.
  • Certificate of graduation from high school.

If the applicant is a divorced woman or widow who lived in the UAE on a husband's visa, she must prove that she can earn a living, and then provide a certificate of divorce or death of her husband.

How to get UAE residency quickly

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