Buying a ready-made company in the Czech Republic in 2023

Buying a ready-made company in the Czech Republic in 2023

For foreigners, buying a ready-made company in the Czech Republic in 2023 is a great way to start a business there. It is easier and faster than creating a company from scratch because you do not have to wait for registration, face complications such as opening a bank account and other administrative hurdles.

General information about buying a business in the Czech Republic

When buying a ready-made business in the Czech Republic, you should turn to proven sellers to avoid unpleasant complications - unpaid financial or even criminal debts that can be attributed to an already established business entity.

Choosing a company, pay attention to these points:

  • It's always better to buy a brand new business, created specifically for sale, and therefore it's history is crystal clear and it has no debts. If you want to buy an existing company, ensure its history is spotless.
  • Compare prices and check the status of the firm. Often you can find a company on sale online but its value does not even cover the fees required by law.
  • This is a clear signal that there is something wrong with such a company, and you should refuse to buy it. If you are still sure that you need to buy this particular company, carefully check its statements and transactions and, consult a lawyer.
  • Paid-in capital. An obvious advantage of the ready-made firm is that the authorized capital is already listed for the company. Note that in many LLCs it is minimal and equals 1 krona. If you plan to get a loan, the size of the share capital is one of the criteria that banks evaluate. In this case, taking a business with a higher share capital is better.
  • VAT - buying a company with VAT allows you to claim a deduction for certain transactions. The price of such a company is higher because obtaining
  • VAT in the Czech Republic is a complex and lengthy process affecting the price.
  • Additional services offered by the seller - the ability to change the name, provide a registered office, arrange a vehicle, etc.

How much does a ready made company cost

The price of a ready-made company in the Czech Republic is usually higher than starting from scratch. The price includes not only the cost of establishment but also other expenses, among which:

  • preparation of contracts;
  • transfer of shares;
  • the decision to appoint a new director;
  • notary fees and fees for amending the commercial register;
  • a certificate of absence/existence of debts;
  • registration certificate;
  • bank account;
  • business adaptation to customer requirements (change of name, registered address).

The process of purchasing of a finished business in the Czech Republic

Buying a ready-made business in the Czech Republic is held under the following scheme:

  • You contact an IT-OFFSHORE consultant online, by phone, or by coming to the office in person.
  • After reviewing your requirements, the manager provides a list of ready-made companies, answering all your questions.
  • You choose the right option, and book.
  • We provide a list of questions and requirements for buying a ready-made business. For example, we will need your data for paperwork and registration in the Commercial Register, a new address, company name, if you decide to change them, facilities and activities, etc.
  • When everything is agreed, you pay the bill, after which we complete the transaction - transfer the shares, obtain licenses if necessary, re-register the company in the Commercial Register in your name, etc.
  • You get ready-made documents - and the company is yours.

How to buy a ready-made business in the Czech Republic

Contact IT-OFFSCHORE to buy a shelf company in the Czech Republic in 2023.

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