Open a personal bank account in Serbia 2023

Open a personal bank account in Serbia 2023

Serbia is notorious for the fact that you can open a personal bank account without going to the bank, either in person or by Power of Attorney. The customer can easily make transactions, withdraw money and perform various operations. Other advantages why it is worth to open a personal bank account in Serbia include low fees and the ability to work with the account anywhere in the world.

Things you should know about opening an account in Serbia

Serbia welcomes foreigners who want to become customers of local banks. But before a financial institution will agree to provide services to a non-resident, they must verify the legal origin of the money. If everything is in order, the client can fully use of the account, except for minor limitations. For example, the bank may refuse to grant credit or request a higher interest rate.

A non-resident who chooses to open a personal bank account in Serbia receives:

  • A savings account and a current account.
  • Dina payment card for payments in Serbia.
  • Visa or MasterCard cards, that can be used anywhere in the world where these payment systems operate.
  • Ability to make transfers, withdraw money, etc.
  • Access to stock market investments and other similar operations.
  • Low transfer fees (0.4% or minimum €5).
  • Free foreign currency accounts (contact your bank for more details).
  • Internet banking and mobile banking, which make access to your account available at all times.

How can a non-resident become a client of a bank in Serbia

Opening a personal bank account in Serbia in 2023 for a foreigner is possible both in person and remotely.


If a person plans to obtain a residence permit based on employment, it is better to open an account in person. After applying, it takes a few days for the bank to confirm the data received and make a decision. If approved to open a bank account in Serbia in 2023, the employee will ask the client to come to the bank to sign documents, pick up contracts, and get access to banking, Visa, MasterCard, and/or Dina cards.


Becoming a client of the Serbian bank remotely is possible by contacting our specialists and making a power of attorney. You will not have to spend much time, and can use your account as soon as possible without visiting the bank.

Where to open an account for a foreigner

Many banks in Serbia provide services to non-residents, but each of them has its nuances that you should know about.


Non-residents can easily open an account at Otpbanka in dinars, euros or other popular currency. The client must present a passport or other identification document. The bank may request additional documents that confirm the status of non-residents in accordance with the law in force (e.g. residence permit). If you cannot visit a branch, you can become a customer of the bank by proxy.


Non-residents can also open an account at Raiffeisenbank in dinars and foreign currencies. The application may be submitted in person or by proxy. A non-resident must present not only his passport but also a document which proves their residence within the past year (e.g. certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs). After becoming a client of Raiffeisenbank, a non-resident can easily withdraw from ATMs and make transactions. An application for a loan is likely to be rejected.

How to quickly open an account at a bank in Serbia

Contact IT-OFFSHORE to become a client of a Serbian bank.

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