How to obtain e-Residency in Estonia

How to obtain e-Residency in Estonia

E-Residency in Estonia is an innovative program launched by the Estonian government in 2014. It offers people from all over the world, regardless of their citizenship and place of residence, the opportunity to become electronic residents of Estonia and obtain a digital identity that enables them to use various electronic services and government functions remotely.

E-Residency provides the following benefits:

  • Secure online authentication and the ability to sign documents using reliable electronic signatures.
  • Access to online banking services.
  • The option to declare and pay taxes online.
  • Simplified process for obtaining VAT numbers.
  • Online company registration in Estonia from anywhere in the world.

Requirements for obtaining e-Residency in Estonia:

The requirements can vary depending on many factors, but below, you can find the general list:

  • Personal information: Applicants must provide their personal data, including full name, date of birth, residential address, and other necessary information.

  • Identity verification: To obtain e-Residency, applicants must provide a valid passport or another recognized document for identity verification.

  • Reason for application: The application for e-Residency should state the reason for the request. It which is typically related to business purposes such as establishing and managing a company in Estonia.

  • State fee: Processing the application typically requires payment of a state fee. The cost of applying is €100.

Applying for e-Residency algorithm

Firstly, the applicant needs to submit an online application and provide the necessary documents for identity and data accuracy verification. After that, the application is reviewed, and upon successful approval, the candidate is issued a unique electronic ID card.

The issuance of the e-Residency card usually takes up to 2 months.

The flexibility and technological advantages of e-Residency make it convenient for various categories of entrepreneurs with different priorities and needs. If you are interested in applying for e-Residency, you can contact the specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

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