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Get Gambling license Curaçao in 2023

Gambling license Curaçao in 2023

04. 01. 2023

In 2023 the government of Curacao plans to submit to Parliament a law that will change the procedure for obtaining a gambling license. If it is approved and passed, Curaçao's gambling license in 2023 will not be issued by the organization which holds the general permit, it will be issued by the Gambling Authority.

Curaçao: how gambling licenses are issued in 2022

There are now 2 gambling licenses available in Curaçao. Only four companies which are given wide powers by the government have the General License. Its owners may not only open a casino, but also issue a sub-license to companies which are interested in gambling. Once granted a sublicense, the owner may not renew it again. It is valid as long as the main license is valid. In turn, the owner of the general permit must renew it every 5 years.

Such a system makes the administrative burden on the government and supervisory bodies easier. It relieves them of the obligation to thoroughly review all the papers and control the operators. The authorities shifted this task to owners of general permits.

How to become a sublicense holder

Each company issuing a sublicense has its own rules, which must be adhered to. To engage in gambling activities in Curacao in 2023, you have to:

  • Open a company on the island.
  • Hire a local employee to represent your interests.
  • Send documents to the company that holds the main license. This includes a charter, business plan, resume of the business owner, and a domain certificate. It is necessary to show a document that proves the fairness of the game. You also need a list of countries where you plan to do business.
  • Provide information about all servers, software, etc.
  • Install at least 1 server in Curacao.

The owner of the general license checks every applicant very thoroughly and will not give permission until he fully meets all the requirements.

What will change in the new law 2023

The new law is scheduled to be presented to Parliament in the 2nd quarter of 2023. Its purpose is to learn more about sub-license holders, about whom the authorities currently have no information.

Key points:

  • There are plans to create a Gaming Authority that will oversee the issuance and maintenance of all licenses.
  • Holders of general permits must apply for a permit from the Curaçao Gaming Authority within 3 months. The transition period is 18 months, during which they must transition to the new rules.
  • Each gambling company must also obtain a permit from the Curaçao Gambling Authority. The procedure has not yet been worked out, the transition will happen automatically.
  • Sublicense holders will be given a transition period. Within a year, it should adjust the company's operations to the new rules and requirements.

For companies that are planning to get a Curacao license, the new law has stricter rules. Each company will have to sign up 3 employees who will monitor money laundering, as well as compliance with the principles of fair play.

How to obtain a Caracao gambling license

To obtain a Curaçao gambling license in 2023, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts.

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