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Scotland LP PRO

Offshore in Scotland - is unique opportunity to build international business in respectable jurisdiction. Being as effective tool of tax planning, foreign company registered in the country, gets a solid British image, but without taxes and reporting. Ability to create an almost "European offshore" appeared in 1907, when according to the Law on partnerships it was adopted such legal form of the company, as Scottish Limited Partnership, SLP. It attractiveness consists in the fact that the company under certain conditions can be completely exempted from taxes. In addition, the actively occurring processes of deoffshorization force entrepreneurs to seek alternatives to the classic offshore.

First, Limited Partnership is applicable to the investment activities, export-import operations, creation of holdings and ownership of assets without the need of revenue withdrawal. LP existence as independent legal entity considers as the main advantage of this form of company (unlike the UK LLP) with the right to own property and assets, enter into contracts, take loans. At that, the company as a legal entity is not subject to taxation; partners act as payers of income tax. The amount of tax depends on their participation interest in the earnings of the business.

Company registration in Scotland, except for the above mentioned, has such advantages as:

- Political and economic stability;

- No foreign exchange controls;

- It is not necessary to submit financial reporting;

- Ability to choose any lawful activity;

- Ability to act as partners, individuals and legal entities;

- Absence of requirements to the size of the authorized capital.

For registration in the register of companies in Edinburgh, it is necessary to submit a special form LP5, which is signed by all partners, and then one gets the Certificate of Registration. The time for company registration is 12 working days.

Company structure implies the existence of at least one General Partner with unlimited liability, which managers the company and is liable for all obligations of at least one limited partner, who is responsible to the creditors within his contribution to the Partnership.

In order to avoid taxation, LP must not conduct the business and have sources of income in the UK, as well as the partners must not be the resident of the United Kingdom. In that case, if in the role of partners act companies registered in tax-free jurisdictions, it is possible to completely be free from taxes.

Purchase of ready LP - is great possibility of business quick start (re-registration period is 1-2 days) and possibility to use already opened bank account in Scotland and in other prestigious jurisdictions.

IT-OFFSHORE company provides professional services related to the companies registration in Scotland. The minimum cost of services – is $ 950.

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