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Ireland in terms of economic growth in recent years runs ahead of many European countries. Along with the development of the industrial and financial sectors, the government has successfully attracted foreign investment for research and design development and implementation of innovative technologies. In addition, there is preferential taxation for foreign companies operating in these sectors.

Ireland as offshore area has a number of advantages:

- Prestigious European jurisdiction with a stable economy;

- Favorable geographical position at the intersection of trade routes between Europe and America;

- Significant tax benefits;

- Attractive variants for foreign investments;

- Government policy assisting business development.

Over the past 25 years, Ireland has become a country that is a leader in the field of high technologies, in the market of financial services, in the pharmaceutical industry. Creation of two free economic zones - Shannon and financial services center in Dublin greatly contributes to this. Companies registered in FEZ, have wide opportunities to enter in the European market.

The priority areas are:

- electronics and engineering, namely the development of computer systems, automation equipment, security systems;

- goods of wide demand and health protection: pharmaceuticals, products of perfumery and cosmetics, medical equipment, biotechnology development. 

The state has developed a series of measures to attract foreign investment. Ireland has established a special body - the Industrial Development Management, which coordinates the development of joint projects, provide foreign entrepreneurs tax and cost benefits. Branches of this organization opened in the largest countries: USA, Germany, UK, Japan and so on. The right to use these benefits get the companies involved in the production or provision of the financial services, and companies in the financial industry are required to provide 10 mandatory jobs to Irish citizens. For those who are engaged in the construction and engineering, there are grants up to 25% from the expenses depending on the number of jobs, products value and company’s location.

Corporate income tax for companies registered in Ireland is 12.5% ​​ under certain conditions and can reduced to 10% in the case if business income growth is determined by the goods selling produced in Ireland. This tax rate acts upon applied to the production activity in Ireland, holding certain types of work in the field of software, repair and maintenance of water and air vehicles. This may also include the work in the printing, agricultural and food industries.

FEZ Shannon (former airport) – is one of the governments’ first steps, aimed at attracting foreign investors. For work, there is necessary certificate from the Ministry of Finance, which guarantees 10% income tax, exemption from VAT and customs duties. For this, the company must executes air transport services, conduct activities in the field related with intellectual property, or in any other area, upon condition that such activity will identified as significant contribution to the development of the Shannon area. One of the main conditions for company’s registration in FEZ is providing job places to Irish residents. As for working in the customs ​​Dublin area, business of the companies should linked with provision of financial services and aims to use the area as an international financial center.

A significant reduction in tax rates, not only in Shannon and Dublin, is possible with the payment of taxes on dividends and interest, withholding taxes (from 25% to 12.5%), tax on income from capital gains, VAT payment. When you set up a private limited company (Ltd) in Ireland (the most popular offshore), there are no requirements to size and payment of authorized capital. But one must have at least two directors (one of them is resident) and one shareholder, resident secretary, registered office. There are some requirements for annual reports and shareholders meetings. Information about directors, shareholders and secretary are public. One can use nominee service.

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