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Valartis Bank

BENDURA BANK AG, formerly Valartis Bank is one of the largest banks of the Principality of Liechtenstein. The net profit of the institution after paying taxes for 2016 amounted 26 million Swiss francs, and the bank manages its assets for a total of 3.5 million CHF. Therefore, opening an account in Bendura Bank is the right decision.

Valartis Bank Liechtenstein

Bendura Bank was founded in 1998 under the name of Hypo Investment Bank AG. After that, the bank changed the name several times. At the end of 2009, the institution was taken over by the Swiss group Valartis Group AG, was again renamed and operated under this name until February 2017. This year it became known as BENDURA BANK AG after the bank became as the property of Citychamp Watch & Jewelery Group Ltd (83.22% of the shares).

The work of the former Valartis Bank AG is focused on providing banking services of the highest quality. High-class specialists work here, who constantly monitor the situation on the market, analyzing and calculating financial risks. This allowed the bank to reach a stable income and successfully develop its activities. BENDURA BANK has representative offices in Switzerland, Austria, Singapore, in the states of Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East.

Bank services

BENDURA BANK works with both private and legal entities. To be closer to the client, the bank pays special attention to the language issue. In total, employees of ex-Valartis Bank speak 22 languages, which allows to provide the client with the most accessible information for his understanding, aimed at developing and expanding business, capital multiplying.

The bank offers the clients various financial services. Among them:

• Operating and current accounts, including corporate accounts.
• Contributions.
• Deposits and loans.
• Credit and debit cards.
• Possibility of remote access through Internet banking, telephone through voice communication, mobile applications.
• Brokerage transactions.
• Maintenance of financial documentation.
• Asset Management.
• Support of financial transactions.
• Consulting.
• Investing.
• Assistance in the management of tax documents.
• Currency, securities, precious metals trading, etc.

International transfers in Swiss francs and euros within the EU pass within 24 hours. Transaction to other countries may take up 4 days. Urgent transfers are paid at a separate rate. The bank takes care of the transparency and legality of the money that passes through the bank. Therefore, when transferring exceeding 200 thousand Swiss francs., the bank can request papers explaining the origin of money.

The client of Valartis Bank Liechtenstein AG has the opportunity to control his finances through Internet banking, regardless of time or location. On the channels protected from hacking, he can conduct financial transactions, monitor the status of his accounts, receive financial reports. The client can ask the question at any time and get an exhaustive answer in a language that he understands.

How to open an account

Our company will help you quickly prepare all certificates necessary to open an account, send it to the central office of BENDURA BANK. The speed of work in many ways depends on how quickly the client will be able to collect, fill out and provide all necessary documents for this. The bank considers the application about ten working days after receiving the request. Before accepting a positive or negative decision, BENDURA BANK may require the provision of additional securities.